Laptime leaderboards

If you're logged in, your own laptimes will be highlighted in blue in the table below

  Player CarTimeSplit 1Split 2Split 3Date set
Kevin Blanchette Porsche 991 GT301:46.05029.85340.78235.41509/08/2019 00:55:19
Christophe Schelfthout Audi R8 LMS01:46.41029.80540.92335.46320/07/2019 11:17:36
F Tex Bentley Continental GT3 201801:46.48229.49940.76735.71520/07/2019 19:59:50
Gaz Lamborghini Huracan GT301:47.01630.02741.14235.76020/07/2019 19:36:05
Erik Parada Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup01:48.75030.51941.59536.19820/07/2019 14:40:13
Erik Parada Porsche 991 GT301:51.63631.07742.48636.92420/07/2019 21:38:07
Alberto Q. F. Ferrari 488 GT301:56.75134.62643.09239.03320/07/2019 19:36:05
tom quid BMW M6 GT316:39.99901:39.99901:39.99901:39.99920/07/2019 19:59:50
Led Zeppelin Porsche 991 GT316:39.99901:39.99901:39.99901:39.99920/07/2019 21:15:12

Laptimes from sessions are only recorded when the session completes. If all players leave the server before the session completes, laptimes will not be recorded.

When the leaderboard shows all players, only each player's fastest time in each car is shown. When the leaderboard is filtered to show only the logged in user's laps, all of their times for each car are dhown.