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About ACC Racing Club

Automated Championship Mode

Accracing.club service aims to create an automated championship mode open for everyone in the Assetto Corsa Competizione simulator.

Each round will last a week and you can enter it as many times as you want. Your score for each round will be an aggregate of all your finishes during the week.

Driver's Data Logging

Our servers automatically log all laps and race results so it can be used to generate drivers` statistics and be reviewd on our website.

Multiple servers

We will run multiple servers that allow two ways of participation: open for all (AM league) and booking system (PRO league) that will allow scheduled events with drivers splits according to their skill (pace) level.

Clean Racing Based On ACC Safety Rating

All our servers implement a minimum safety rating to ensure that you are racing with other clean drivers.

Laptime Leaderboards

All logged laptimes are used to generate hot lap leaderboards and the hot lap league.

Work In Progress

Please note that we are in an early stage of developement and the features are subject to change.

How To Join
To race on ACCR servers, simply go to Multiplayer -> Server List and enter "accr" in the Filter By Name field. Use the ones with link to the website in server name :)

After each qualificartion and race please rerember to wait for switching to next nesstion - only then the result files are being generated by the server. Hopefully Kunos will fix it soon.